Glorious Point Group Art Exhibition

Desire is the Starting Point... Finding Yourself is the Point... Getting Lost is the Point... Love, Joy & Pain is the Point...
I'm honored to bring you the amazing work of over 20 artists. Every work is original, nothing else exists like it. You could bring home a little piece of the soul of the artists... and isn't that a glorious point?

Artist include: Cathy Amos, Joan Bredendick, Eva Evangelista, Iwona Duniec, Karen Fike, Deanna Gibson, Erin Grupp, Jessica Leisher, Beata Marczak, Gene McCormick, Anthony Nelson, Ted Overcash, Alex Paschal, Danielle Piloto, Cynthia Roberts, Damon Rowley, Caren Helene Rudman
Michele Renee Sherlock, Susi Shuele, Michelle Rae Sobi, Pallavi Wagh, Beverly Wines, Voytek, Jake Zarate