About Deanna



 Deanna Gibson is a gregarious photographer, curator and artist. As a commercial photographer she has been published in countless books, magazines, newspapers, marketing materials, advertisements both on and offline. She has a passion for creating a story with each subject, whether it's food, a person or a building!

As an artist she has enjoyed many group gallery shows as well as solo shows. Her artwork consists of manipulated photography utilizing surreal imagery and fantasy color to explore a reality of layered moments. Focusing on issues surrounding women, body confidence and positive sexuality. In the hopes that her work will help women step into, embrace and be empowered by their own unique identity. The high relief art are mixed media works that let her explore her love of the dazzle of glitter, fabric and the beauty of the female form. They eradicate surface imperfections women obsess over and shift the focus to the grace and beauty each woman’s shape, representing a modern-day statue of Venus or Aphrodite.

As a curator she has created many exhibitions at various locations with renowned artists hanging next to emerging artists. She wants to bridge the gap between the collectors looking or a $10,000 piece or a $120 piece. Gibson said, "The best fashion ensemble is one consisting of high and low pieces. You're home is no different!"

Deanna Gibson is a Chicago-land based photographer, artist, curator and mom! She is a member of the St. Charles Arts Council, The Art Center Highland Park, Water Street Studios and Fine Line Creative Arts Center.