Last week while driving, I noticed tire marks driving off the road into the forest preserve across the street from my home. I thought it was odd, but assumed Forest Preserves police had left them. Two days later there was a police car parked by the tire marks, then there was three police cars, soon the entire road was closed and filled with law enforcement. A body had been found by a person out for a morning horse ride. I was horrified. How could this happen so close to my home, in a "safe" neighborhood? I noticed the tire marks, why didn't I investigate? Were they still alive, could I have helped? Why did they choose this place to leave them? Is my family safe? Questions spun in my mind until I felt sick. A week after the incident (as police referred to it) I turned to my camera to help process my emotions.

The markers left by police will fade over time, but I wanted to somehow honor this persons presence. Even though I did not know them, what was left behind made a lasting impact on me that I will not forget.