Sky Scarf

My grandmother, Grammie as I called her, was a kind, gentle and honest woman. Her small stature somehow carried a heart that big. Soft spoken and always wanting to blend with the crowd, she didn't quite understand my unique choice in attire or art. However, she recognized I loved it and she loved to see people happy. I remember the first time I dyed my hair cobalt blue and magenta. I went to Grammie's seeking her approval and she said, "You love it, and that's all that matters!" Honest to a fault, she couldn't tell me she liked it, but she wanted me to know that my happiness and authenticity was imperative.

 She was a gentle soul floating about life, giving me soft caresses on my face. She wore this scarf often, if I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can almost smell her. When I see it float about the sky, I feel her gentle kindness and know that she passed it to my mother, myself, and my children. For that I will be forever grateful.

As the series starts, Sky Scarf 1 is barely in focus and entering from the left. As people enter our life, they are a flash, a blur, the more time we spend with them the more they come into focus and become permanently imprinted in our mind. The next three images are dancing across the frame, more focused, the pattern is identifiable as the scarf enters the frame from the bottom symbolizing our time “on the ground”. The fifth image appears to have outstretched arms coming to embrace you. The scarf changes to spill off the top and side of the frame in Sky Scarf 6.  In Sky Scarf 7 it billows out like a beautiful full skirt worn for special occasions. Sky Scarf 8 is off the frame at the top with the movement so fast at the bottom like a fish swimming toward an intended target.

The last image, Sky Scarf 9 is out of focus just as the first image, leaving us the way they entered our life with the passing of time eroding the imprint of them. However, the scarf left behind is the catalyst to assure that special place in our heart and mind. A glance, touch or smell of the scarf floods my soul with not only memories of Grammie, but her very essence in a way even a photograph of her cannot accomplish.


Sky Scarf 1


Sky Scarf 2


Sky Scarf 3


Sky Scarf 4


Sky Scarf 5


Sky Scarf 6


Sky Scarf 7


Sky Scarf 8

Sky Scarf 9