Ashford Castle and Inchagoill Island, Ireland

Fine art photographs captured at Ashford Castle, Inchagoill Island and nearby Ireland.

By bringing Ashford Castle and its rich and colorful history into your home, you are embarking on a journey back in time.  Imagine dining alongside lords and ladies in the great hall, or witnessing knights bearing arms during the fiercest of battles. This version of the 800-year-old medieval and Victorian castle will forever be preserved in this stunning photograph – it has since been renovated in 2016.

The castle was built on the perimeter of a monastic site in 1228 – it was the primary stronghold of the powerful Anglo-Norman de Burgo dynasty (House of Burke). It survived fierce battles and changed hands throughout the centuries. Ashford Castle was eventually turned into a renowned country hotel and has also become one of the most luxurious and unique destinations to stay.