Still Love You
Deanna Gibson Art

Still Love You

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I captured the bridge photograph and always had the romantic idea that it was someone in a relationship where it had gone awry and divided the lovers. The vulnerable woman exhibits signs of a deep connection accomplished only, when you expose your true self. Suddenly, one person realized a life lived without the other person is unbearable. They rush out and spray-paint "Still Love You" on a bridge the other person drives by every day to work. The star-crossed lovers are reunited in a tearful, passionate kiss!!!

While creating, I had an "ah ha" moment that the person that still loves you is not a partner, but YOU! Writhing in a pit of despair, one last desperate act to remind yourself every day it’s worth it. It’s worth getting out of bed, it’s worth going to work, it’s worth trying again. STILL love you!

Pigment print on archival metallic paper

15.75in x 21.5in image, 28in x 34in framed

 40cm x 54.61cm, 71.12cm x 86.36cm

Edition 2/3


Signed in front and numbered on back

Certificate of Authenticity

Professional framing at Art and Frame Naperville, IL suggested